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Performance Report Thimphu Oct-Dec 14.pdf 307.09 KB
Performance Report Thimphu Jan-Mar 15.pdf 307.12 KB
Performance-Report-Thimphu-Jan-Dec-2015.pdf 427.64 KB
Performance-Report-Thimphu-Jan-Dec-2016.pdf 422.85 KB
Performance Report Thimphu Jan-Dec 2017.pdf 423.11 KB
Assessment of the Financial Management Systems_0.pdf 467.16 KB
Assessment Report on Cost of Providing Municipal Services_0.pdf 754.03 KB
Asset Management Guidelines_0.pdf 1.56 MB
BPR Document-GT & SJT_0.pdf 1.46 MB
BPR Report-TT & PT_0.pdf 5.44 MB
Final Report MFM Strengthening_0.pdf 789.63 KB
Final Thromde Accounting Manual_Revised_0.pdf 3.38 MB
Final Thromde Budget Manual_Revised_0.pdf 1.94 MB
Investment Plan_0.pdf 185.66 KB
Monitoring and Evaluation - BUDP_0.pdf 340.82 KB
Municipal Asset Valuation Guidelines_0.pdf 198.53 KB
Municipal Services Costing Guidelines.pdf 253.38 KB
Performance Report_0.pdf 1.11 MB
Revenue Administration Manual_1.pdf 2.21 MB
RMS and DAR Implementation Status_0.pdf 2.04 MB
Strategy Paper-Final_0.pdf 2.47 MB
Thromde Contract Management Framework_0.pdf 572.61 KB
Thromde IT Controls_0.pdf 608.63 KB