Forms and Checklist for Entertainment License

Attachment Size
Consent Letter_Entetainments.docx.pdf 55.87 KB
Consent Letter_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
Consent Letter_New License_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
CHECK LIST A Enterainment_Snooker (1).pdf 152.61 KB
CHECK LIST A Entertainment_Disco_karaoke_livemusic.pdf 120.26 KB
Renewal_Ownership Change_ for snooker & games.pdf 243.25 KB
Technical Standards for Discothequea_Karaoke_Live music.pdf 111.63 KB
Technical Standards for Snooker.pdf 142.21 KB
Tehnical Standards for Cinema.pdf 182.95 KB
Tehnical Standards for Vedio_Computer Game Arcade.pdf 147.8 KB
Recommendation letter -All Categories[1].pdf 731.43 KB
Location Clearance_ELC_Approval_All Categories[1].pdf 734.96 KB

Census Service Application Form

Attachment Size
Birth Registration form -BCRS-BR-01.pdf 949.28 KB
Information-on-Birth-BCRS-IB-01.pdf 234.87 KB
Statement of Guarantor for Birth Registration BCRS-BR-SG-01.pdf 585.75 KB
Naturalization_Regularization-Form-BCRS-CR-01.pdf 767.26 KB
BCRS-CID_SRC-01-3.pdf 731.69 KB
BCRS-CID_SRC-02-3.pdf 752.21 KB
Replacement-of-CID_SR-Card-Application-Form-BCRS-CID_SRC-REP-01.pdf 725.2 KB
Name-Change-Age-Correction-Application-Form-BCRS-NCAC-01-Copy.pdf 689.6 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 1005.42 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-02.pdf 776.9 KB
BCRS-VR-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 824.85 KB
Individual-Information-Updation-Form-BCRS-CI_SRI-DS01.pdf 695.25 KB
Change-of-HoH-Application-Form-BCRS-HOH-01.pdf 169.6 KB
Household-Information-Nationality-Certificate-Application-Form-BCRS-HI_NC-01-1.pdf 678.17 KB
Death Reporting form BCRS-DR-01.pdf 768.1 KB
Statement of death that occur outside heath facility BCRS-DR-SD-01.pdf 656.06 KB
BirthRegistrationform.pdf 424.25 KB
census_transfer-Form_0.pdf 265.09 KB

Forms Under Land Record and Survey Division

Attachment Size
Plot Realignment Form_0.pdf 902.14 KB
Common Property Declaration form.pdf 252.67 KB
Agreement for flat and common property_NEW.pdf 151.59 KB
Requisition_Form_for_Land_Services.pdf 719.34 KB
Urban_Land_Building_Transaction_Procedures.pdf 1.05 MB
Temporary_Lease_Application_Form.pdf 381.35 KB
Internal-agreement.pdf 105 KB
Building Details Validation Form.pdf 86.28 KB

Forms Under City Environment Division

Attachment Size
City Space Document for Organizing a Mega Entertainment-1.pdf 580.15 KB
Plant Request Form.pdf 35.53 KB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for General Projects.pdf 153.07 KB
Forestry Clearance Report.pdf 232.12 KB
Forestry Clearance Form for cutting of trees from private registered land form.pdf 235.2 KB
Form for Municipal Waste Disposal in Landfill.pdf 139.01 KB
Disposal Form for Soil, Construction and Demolition Wastes.pdf 209.29 KB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for Access Road Application.pdf 1.07 MB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for Telecommunication Towers and Monopoles Application.pdf 710.88 KB
Divisional clearnce for refund of security deposit.pdf 374.42 KB
Space Booking Form (3).pdf 194.8 KB