The Operation & Maintenance Division is one of the divisions of Thimphu Thromde and is responsible for carrying out Operation & Maintenance of infrastructure and essential services within Thromde.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Identify and Address Potential Hazards or Risks: This involves proactively identifying risks and hazards in infrastructure to ensure public safety and minimize accidents or failures. By promptly addressing minor issues and conducting preventive maintenance, the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future can be minimized, ultimately extending the lifespan of infrastructure assets.
  2. Reliability of Essential Services: It's crucial to ensure the uninterrupted availability of essential services like water supply, sewerage, street lighting, roads, and drainage systems to the community. Maintaining water and sewage systems prevents leaks and reduces water wastage, contributing to water conservation efforts. Moreover, consistent water supply and sanitation are vital for safeguarding public health. Regular inspections and maintenance of sewage systems, for instance, help prevent the spread of diseases and contamination of water sources.

Division Structure


Water Section:

  1. Manage the proper functionality of water treatment plants.
  2. Monitor and repair water distribution network leakages.
  3. Attend to water-related complaints.
  4. Provide water connection services, including installing water meters.
  5. Replace water meters as necessary.
  6. Shift water pipes along rights-of-way.
  7. Disconnect and reconnect water for defaulters.
  8. Realignment of pipelines due to construction works.
  9. Regularly monitor the water transmission and distribution network.
  10. Provide water tanker services.
  11. Conduct water meter readings and distribute bills to building owners.
  12. Take over completed water projects from Infra Division.

Sewer Section:

  1. Provide new sewer household connection approvals.
  2. Clear and clean sewer lines and manholes.
  3. Facilitate public complaints regarding sewerage leakages.
  4. Provide sewer tanker services.
  5. Operate and maintain sewer treatment plants.
  6. Take over completed sewerage projects from Infra Division.

Road & Drainage Section:

  1. Repair and maintain drainage, footpaths, and signage.
  2. Provide markings on roads and parking areas.
  3. Install signage for road user safety.
  4. Assess cost estimates for damaged cause by vehicular accidence.
  5. Approve road cutting for service utilities.
  6. Repair potholes with cold mix.
  7. Take over completed roads and drainage projects from Infra Division.
  8. Handle emergency and ad hoc works.

Electrical Section:

  1. Shift street light poles upon request or realignments.
  2. Ensure operational street lighting.
  3. Restore cables damaged by ongoing projects or other causes.
  4. Assist with electrical works during festivals.
  5. Perform office maintenance tasks and others.
  6. Provide electrical works to treatment plants.
  7. Facilitate maintenance works related to accidents.
  8. Take over completed projects from Infra Division