The following services can be availed from the Census and Civil Registration Section at Thimphu Thromde:

  • Birth Registration
  • Death Registration
  • Census Transfer - Move In and Move Out 
  • Processing and Issuance of CID Cards (New, Renewal, Lost and Replacement)
  • Change of HOH (Head of Household)
  • Updating Individual Information 
  • Updating Spouse
  • Name Change and Age Correction
  • Issuance of Household Information (Family Tree)
  • Issuance of Nationality Certificate
  • Updating Present address
  • Processing and Updating of Naturalisation and Regularisation
  • Annual Census
  • Relationship certificate
  • Biomatics


Census Service Application Form

Attachment Size
Birth Registration form -BCRS-BR-01.pdf 949.28 KB
Information-on-Birth-BCRS-IB-01.pdf 234.87 KB
Statement of Guarantor for Birth Registration BCRS-BR-SG-01.pdf 585.75 KB
Naturalization_Regularization-Form-BCRS-CR-01.pdf 767.26 KB
BCRS-CID_SRC-01-3.pdf 731.69 KB
BCRS-CID_SRC-02-3.pdf 752.21 KB
Replacement-of-CID_SR-Card-Application-Form-BCRS-CID_SRC-REP-01.pdf 725.2 KB
Name-Change-Age-Correction-Application-Form-BCRS-NCAC-01-Copy.pdf 689.6 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 1005.42 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-02.pdf 776.9 KB
BCRS-VR-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 824.85 KB
Individual-Information-Updation-Form-BCRS-CI_SRI-DS01.pdf 695.25 KB
Change-of-HoH-Application-Form-BCRS-HOH-01.pdf 169.6 KB
Household-Information-Nationality-Certificate-Application-Form-BCRS-HI_NC-01-1.pdf 678.17 KB
Death Reporting form BCRS-DR-01.pdf 768.1 KB
Statement of death that occur outside heath facility BCRS-DR-SD-01.pdf 656.06 KB
BirthRegistrationform.pdf 424.25 KB
census_transfer-Form_0.pdf 265.09 KB