Forms and Checklist for Entertainment License

Attachment Size
Consent Letter_Entetainments.docx.pdf 55.87 KB
Consent Letter_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
Consent Letter_New License_From Property Owner.pdf 66.15 KB
CHECK LIST A Enterainment_Snooker (1).pdf 152.61 KB
CHECK LIST A Entertainment_Disco_karaoke_livemusic.pdf 120.26 KB
Renewal_Ownership Change_ for snooker & games.pdf 243.25 KB
Technical Standards for Discothequea_Karaoke_Live music.pdf 111.63 KB
Technical Standards for Snooker.pdf 142.21 KB
Tehnical Standards for Cinema.pdf 182.95 KB
Tehnical Standards for Vedio_Computer Game Arcade.pdf 147.8 KB
Recommendation letter -All Categories[1].pdf 731.43 KB
Location Clearance_ELC_Approval_All Categories[1].pdf 734.96 KB

Census Service Application Form

Attachment Size
Birth Registration form -BCRS-BR-01.pdf 949.28 KB
Information-on-Birth-BCRS-IB-01.pdf 234.87 KB
Statement of Guarantor for Birth Registration BCRS-BR-SG-01.pdf 585.75 KB
Naturalization_Regularization-Form-BCRS-CR-01.pdf 767.26 KB
BCRS-CID_SRC-01-3.pdf 731.69 KB
BCRS-CID_SRC-02-3.pdf 752.21 KB
Replacement-of-CID_SR-Card-Application-Form-BCRS-CID_SRC-REP-01.pdf 725.2 KB
Name-Change-Age-Correction-Application-Form-BCRS-NCAC-01-Copy.pdf 689.6 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 1005.42 KB
BCRS-Move-In-Move-Out-02.pdf 776.9 KB
BCRS-VR-Move-In-Move-Out-01.pdf 824.85 KB
Individual-Information-Updation-Form-BCRS-CI_SRI-DS01.pdf 695.25 KB
Change-of-HoH-Application-Form-BCRS-HOH-01.pdf 169.6 KB
Household-Information-Nationality-Certificate-Application-Form-BCRS-HI_NC-01-1.pdf 678.17 KB
Death Reporting form BCRS-DR-01.pdf 768.1 KB
Statement of death that occur outside heath facility BCRS-DR-SD-01.pdf 656.06 KB
BirthRegistrationform.pdf 424.25 KB
census_transfer-Form_0.pdf 265.09 KB

Forms Under Land Record and Survey Division

Attachment Size
Plot Realignment Form_0.pdf 902.14 KB
Common Property Declaration form.pdf 252.67 KB
Agreement for flat and common property_NEW.pdf 151.59 KB
Requisition_Form_for_Land_Services.pdf 719.34 KB
Urban_Land_Building_Transaction_Procedures.pdf 1.05 MB
Temporary_Lease_Application_Form.pdf 381.35 KB
Internal-agreement.pdf 105 KB
Building Details Validation Form.pdf 86.28 KB

Forms Under City Environment Division

Attachment Size
City Space Document for Organizing a Mega Entertainment-1.pdf 580.15 KB
Soil Waste Disposal Form.docx_0.pdf 129.69 KB
Plant Request Form.pdf 35.53 KB
Forestry Clearance Report.pdf 1.17 MB
Forestry Clearance Form for cutting of trees from private registered land form.pd_.pdf 547.53 KB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for General Projects.pdf 153.07 KB
Form for Municipal Waste Disposal in Landfill.pdf 139.01 KB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for Access Road Application.pdf 1.07 MB
Environmental Clearance - Initial Environmental Examination for Telecommunication Towers and Monopoles Application.pdf 710.88 KB
Divisional clearnce for refund of security deposit.pdf 374.42 KB
Space Booking Form (3).pdf 194.8 KB