Notification Period:
10 July 2020
27 July 2020

                                                                 PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT

Thimphu Thromde would like to notify to those building owners within Thimphu Thromde as follows:

  1. Building owners those who don’t comply with the roof color code are requested to comply with permissible color code of Green, Brown and Red only. Roof that are left unpainted or not painted with permissible color code needs immediate action by respective building owners.

  2. All building owners are also requested to use the specified space within the registered plot boundary to park the vehicles. The parking on road is strictly prohibited.

  3. The stacking of constrution material on public road, footpath and drains is strictly prohibited 


Failing to comply can be dealt as per prevailing regulations and rules and could not process any clearance for your building.

This notification is issued for strict compliance.


Executive Secretary
Thimphu Thromde