Guide to 3Rs

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan identifies every Bhutanese as a trustee of its natural resources and environment for the benefit of the present and future generations. Article 5.1 of the Constitution entrusts every citizen with the fundamental duty of protecting the natural environment, conserving the rich biodiversity, and preventing all forms of ecological degradation including noise, visual and physical pollution.

3Rs for waste management:

  1. Reduce: It means the reduction of solid waste before it enters the solid waste stream by methods such as product design, materials substitution, materials re-used and packaging restrictions.
  2. Reuse: It is the use of a material or product more than once before being recycled or discarded.
  3. Recycling: It is the treating of used or waste materials through a process to make them suitable for use and other purposes. It includes any process by which solid waste materials are transformed into new products in such a manner that the original products may lose their identity, and which may be used as raw materials to produce other goods or services.