Waste Drop-off Centres

The drop-off centres are temporary storage facilities that store segregated wastes in separate compartments. They are a convenient solution for citizens who are not able to match the timing of the waste collection services.

Citizens can now discard their segregated wastes in the drop-off centres within the zones. Please be mindful to drop off segregated wastes into their respective compartments; wet, dry and hazardous compartments. If unsure, kindly ask the caretaker at the center on how to discard of your wastes. Each unit will feature a chute through which the garbage bags will be dropped into separate compartments. In case you have bulk wastes to dispose of, kindly take it to the back and ask the caretaker to open the respective door to the compartment and deposit it there.

Everyone is requested to segregate their waste at their homes and wrap them in separate bags for ease of disposal. Anyone not following such regulations will be subjected to penalization in accordance with the law.


Do's and Don'ts


1. Segregate your wastes into wet, dry and household hazardous wastes and securely close them in a durable bin liner

2. Make sure you know where the drop-off center in your area is located (refer to website for more details)

3. Make sure to read the sign boards before depositing your waste at the drop-off center, or ask the caretaker about where to throw which type of waste

4. Deposit the waste through the window-like opening

5. In case you see a defaulter, report it to the caretaker

6. Make sure you tell your family and friends about the proper usage of the drop-off centers



1. Deposit waste haphazardly without knowing which compartment is for which type of waste

2. Deposit your waste outside the drop-off center, thinking the caretaker will do it. The caretaker only maintains the drop-off center, and will note down any defaulters and forward them to the Thromde.

3. Clog the chute by trying to dispose of large amounts of waste at a time.


Drop-off Centre Brochures:

1. English version (Link)

2. Dzongkha version (Link)


Locations (further information will be provided soon)

The locations for the various drop-off centres around the Thromde are given below:


  1. Dangrina [     Map     ]    
  2. Jungshina [     Map     ]
  3. Bebena [     Map     ]


  1. Motithang [     Map     ]
  2. Changbangdu [     Map     ]
  3. Changzamtok [     Map     ]


  1. Lungtenphu [     Map     ]
  2. Simtokha [     Map     ]
  3. Chubogang [     Map     ]