3rd Thromde Council Meeting Minutes

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First Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 2.7 MB
Second Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 1.19 MB
Special Thromde Tshogde Minutes.pdf 1.31 MB
Third Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 1.13 MB
Fourth Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 4.27 MB
Fifth Thromde Tshodge Minutes.pdf 823.47 KB
6th TT Minutes SIGNED.pdf 1.47 MB
7th TT Minutes Final SIGNED.pdf 1.93 MB

1st Thromde Council Meeting Minutes

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1st Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 2.81 MB
2nd Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED)1.pdf 5.5 MB
3rd Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.86 MB
4th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.49 MB
5th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.71 MB
6th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.24 MB
7th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 5.75 MB
8th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.71 MB
9th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 5.57 MB
10th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 7.59 MB
11th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.75 MB
12th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 6.78 MB
13th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 6.54 MB
14th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 4.28 MB
15th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.56 MB
16th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED).pdf 3.37 MB
17th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 3.48 MB
18th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 2.3 MB
19th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 4.49 MB
20th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 3.17 MB
21st Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.55 MB
22nd Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 6.5 MB
23rd Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 3.25 MB
24th TShogde Minutes (SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.84 MB
25th Thromde Tshogde Minutes (FINAL SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.45 MB
26th Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 5.58 MB
27th Tshogde Minutes (SIGNED)_compressed.pdf 2.87 MB

2nd Thromde Council Meeting Minutes

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1st TT Minutes.docx.pdf 223.18 KB
2nd TT Minutes.docx.pdf 587.19 KB
3rd TT Minutes.docx.pdf 598.82 KB
4th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 436.47 KB
5th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 734.52 KB
6th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 198.89 KB
7th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 758.72 KB
8th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 252.41 KB
9th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 278.72 KB
10th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 175.75 KB
11th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 387.64 KB
12th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 430.16 KB
13th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 267.82 KB
14th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 258.17 KB
15th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 433.94 KB
16th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 327.92 KB
17th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 338.72 KB
18th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 297.71 KB
19th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 2.15 MB
20th TT Minutes.docx.pdf 581.24 KB
21st TT Minutes.docx.pdf 502 KB
22nd TT Minutes.docx.pdf 324.5 KB
23rd Tshogde (1).docx.pdf 494.05 KB

Documents Under Land Record and Survey Division

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The-Land-Act-of-Kingdom-of-Bhutan-2007-English.pdf 450.43 KB
Moveable and Immovable property ACT.pdf 137.29 KB
Compensation Rate-2017-04082017.pdf 1.15 MB
Dispute_Settlement_Guidelines_2018.pdf 739.75 KB
Geo Information Policy.pdf 394.08 KB
Guideline for establishing 3D control network in Project Site-converted.pdf 73.24 KB
Land Lease Rule and Regualtion_2018.pdf 7.2 MB
RuralIncentives.pdf 3.6 MB
Strata_Guideline.pdf 513.27 KB
TaxationPolicy1992.pdf 2.33 MB

Letter of Undertaking for Compliance and Enforcement Division

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Letter of Undertaking for basement Approval.pdf 664.37 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Location Clearance of any Bussiness L.pdf 575.55 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Removal of Illegal Structure.pdf 804.39 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Retaining wall Construction on Government Land.pdf 534.96 KB
Letter of Undertaking for Roof Slab Approval.pdf 742.04 KB