Etho Metho School was founded in 2004 by Aum Dago Beda. It was founded on the basis of providing quality education for the young children from classes Pre-Primary to class VI. The stress was also on providing an environment for personal development and the need to interact socially and emotionally with other children from diverse background.

The stress was on development of independence, of being able to be guided gently, to increase self- confidence and of course self-esteem.


All parents rightfully aspire to give their child the best education – the best start in life. This is fundamental to a child’s future, personal development and employment prospects in society today.

The aim of Etho Metho School is to provide an atmosphere in which to do so; within this educational environment the school has evolved a teaching philosophy which is responsive and relevant to the ever changing needs of our students.

At Etho Metho School we strive for excellence in all our pursuits: academic, sporting, spiritual and cultural. Our children are given the best opportunity to fulfill their potential in life and grow into mature responsible members of society.


Etho Metho is a school with a modern outlook and a traditional value system and the school always inculcates the same ideal in students.  Etho Metho School is still evolving as an institution and is constantly learning from experiences. Etho Metho has a desire to learn and improve. It is a continuous process and the journey is the destination. The school logo symbolizes the environment, virgin mountains, the crystal blue sky and the Rhododendron flowers all in harmony with each other. The motto of the school is ‘Blossom in Harmony’. Therefore at Etho Metho the children blossom into productive students in harmony with each other respecting their peers, teachers and the environment.

VISION: - Learn, Discover, Dream

MISSION: - Hope, Harmony, Happiness

GOAL: - Strive for Excellence

MOTTO: - Blossom in Harmon