Brief Background on the Institute:

Kuensel Phodrang Primary School is one of the newly established schools under Thimphu Thromde incepted in 2013. The school was registered in 2009 during the tenure of Mr. Kinley Dorji as Chief Thromde Education Officer. The school is situated below Buddha statue in an ideal place adjacent to Kuensel Phodrang National Park.  The school area was used for grazing land for the local herders covering vast area of Kuensel Phodrang prior to its official demarcation for school. It is about 2335 m above the sea level and experiences extreme cold in winter.

The school construction has started from 2011 and completed in 2012. It has officially started as an educational institution on 4th March 2013. It is about 2 kilometers from the heart of Thimphu town on the half way to Buddha statue. This school has the capacity of 560 children with 14 classrooms. This school was formally shifted from old Changbangdu Primary School which was situated near the flyover bridge within a congested area of 80 decimals of school area. To most local people, this school is still renowned as new Changbangdu School. It covers five villages of residential areas namely; Zahelo, Tsalilaykha, Chang Bangdro, Upper Chang Zamtog and Chang Gidaphu.

Currently, there are 146 boys and 133 girls against 18 teachers. School has good working culture under the dynamic set of hardworking teachers. This institution is striving to excel in academic to meet the aspirations of learners, parents and the nation through manifold teaching strategies of 21st century. There is strong bonding between school and the community stakeholders, where school receives good attention from the public in terms of uplifting school events through mass participation. We work abreast with the community by the principles and beliefs that the school platform is our joint undertaking to facilitate children to learn with quality education. 

Therefore, each member of Kuensel Phodrang fraternity is urged to handle this booklet as a guide to fulfill the desire of the school; its entire schedules for events that are primarily planned in affiliation to Thromde’s aspiration. With this, school management wishes everyone a best of luck in taking up this entrepreneurship ahead in the limelight of nurturing children with right values and skills.