History reveals and unfolds the past and here’s how one of the capital’s suburbs ‘Taba’ was named. Irrespective of the ranks and positions, officials on their journey from Punakha had to descend from their riding horses after reaching this very place from where one could get the majestic view of the Tashichhodzong. This was a done to pay high respect and honour. Hence, ‘Tabab’in Dzongkha meant ‘descend from the horse. From this we derive a deeper meaning and essence to retain such indispensable Bhutanese culture of respect to our historical symbols by at least naming our school as TABA.

Taba Primary School under Thimthrom was established in the beginning of the new academic year 2013 with 259 students and 12 teachers. It is about five kilometers from the main town on the way to Dechencholing and a little up-hill drive through the narrow road on its way to Wangchuk Resort. You will see the typical school gate below the RBA colony and there you are.

This year the school is upgraded to Lower Secondary School and we have a total strength of 442     children with 24 teachers. The school is proud and fortunate to have an integrated structure (school building). This three storied L-shaped integrated structure, the first of its kind was designed by School Planning and Building Division under the Ministry of Education with all the comfortable modern amenities. The school has an area of little over two acres with a mini football ground, a basket ball court, spacious car-parking and enough space for children to play around. The classrooms, staff room, Library, Laboratory, administration rooms, conference hall, IT rooms and so on, and the list goes on and the rooms are all lavishly spacious with excellent ventilation and lighting system. The school also has a big reason to be proud of its space and its ideal location amongst the beautiful blue pine, serene atmosphere and a clean stream silently flowing to join Wangchu. The school has decided to adopt the stream and preserve it has a mini-reserve nature. 

The school infrastructure is an exemplary in its design and architect and the school is proud to have the first of its kind and the children and parents are excited to take care of the school and most significantly derive from it the best of what the government has for us and live up to the expectations of our farsighted King.