Location Clearance/Space Booking  for Clock Tower, Changlimithang Parking and Recreational Parks


  1. The applicant shall submit an application with duly filled in form to Thrompon/Executive Secretary.
  2. The application shall be forwarded to Environment Division.

          Documents required:

  • Duly filled in form
  • Approval letter from relevant agencies for Event Management but not limited to: Department of Culture, BICMA, Department of Trade, etc.
  1. The applicant shall be reviewed and accordingly approved based on first-come-first serve basis.  
  2. The applicant shall then remit ground rental to Accounts Section; 
  3. In addition to the ground rental, the applicant shall remit Security Deposit amounting to half of the ground rental to Accounts Section;
  4.  The reviewing officer shall allocate the designated space to applicant with terms and conditions applicant must adhere.
  5. After the completion of the event, the applicant shall get their security deposit refunded through a clearance letter by Environment Division ONLY upon handing over a clean area with no damages to the public property.  

Ground Rental:

  • Nu.10, 000/- per day for Clock Tower
  • Nu. 30,000 /- for Changlimithang Ground


Note: Hosting of small events shall be allowed with prior approval from Thimphu Thromde. Party shall get approval from Thimphu Thromde if there is an applicant requesting to use the park for hosting events as some of the events require permit from different agencies like BICMA for shootings, dances, etc., MoEA for trade fairs, car shows, etc., MoHCA for cultural related activities, etc. The revenue generated from the parks should be used for the operation and maintenance of the parks.

The ground rent for different events shall be charged as follows. Extra charges, if laid, shall be dealt as offense:

For Recreational Parks

  • Nu.1000/- per day for birthday parties
  • Nu. 5000/- per day for marriage cerenomies
  • Nu. 10000/- per day for big events like exhibitions, international/national celebrations, fundraising, festivals and fairs
  • Nu. 5000/- per day for film shooting