13 August 2020

We are pleased to inform the general public of Thimphu Thromde that the following suppliers are being identified for the supply of essential items. 

sl no Suppliers Contact Numbers
1 MyMart 17525803, 17870903, 17952113, 17117560, 02335104
2 Gasel Store 17164611, 77670024, 17361438.
3 Ximi Vogue 17758992, 17611821, 77114051,17885136, 77873362
4 STCBL 17451016, 77610029
5 Tashi Corporation Centre 77219388, 77223432, 77191104, 17346846

The above suppliers are in addition to the existing four wholesale dealers and are being identified and approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We request those in need to contact these suppliers.

The goods ordered shall be delivered by the suppliers to the place of residence and urge both the suppliers and receivers to follow the Covid-19 protocol strictly.

This supersedes our earlier notification. Thank you for your cooperation.