1. The Applicant shall submit an application letter to the Environment Division along with the duly filled in form for soil disposal. 
  2. The reviewing officer shall acknowledge and review the application.
  3. If the documents submitted are in line with the checklist, deposit security amount as per the rates prescribe by Thimphu Thromde to the Accounts Section who will issue Deposit Receipt.
  4. Submit the Deposit Receipt to Environment Division, Thimphu Thromde.
  5. Reviewing Officer shall allocate the designated dumping area accordingly as indicated in the soil dumping permit.
  6. Applicants shall ensure the following:
  • Ensure that proposed vehicles as per the application is used for transportation;
  • The engaged drivers carry valid permit during the transportation period;
  • The use of designated route specified in the waste disposal permit;
  • Transport within specified timing as reflected in the permit;
  • Ensure that all hired vehicles avoid causing any inconveniences to the commuters;
  • Prevent any spillage of muck/waste over travelling route during the transportation;
  • Any damages caused to public properties during the transportation should be reinstated to its original state;
  • Update daily progress to the reviewing officials for proper record and coordination;
  • Inform the reviewing officer on completion of the activity.


The reviewing officer shall evaluate the site after the completion of the activity in order to ensure that the applicant has cleared and leveled the site as required. The applicant shall then report to collect the Deposit Receipt. The reviewing officer shall verify and forward to Accounts Sections for refund of Security amount deposited.

Turn Around Time: 2 working days