(Establishment of the school, Reasons for its establishment and location, infrastructure & facility development, course introduction etc may be mentioned in chronological order to illustrate the key development areas)


The school was built in 1990 with the total of two hundred students and six teachers. It is located at Chubachu, Thimphu the capital city of Bhutan. It was started as a small school by the Education Ministry. At present there are eight hundred sixty five students and thirty three teachers lead by Ms Choki Dukpa as the Principal. The school strives to achieve its vision “Excellence in Primary Education.”

The school initiates various programme to fulfill the mission – Learn, Value and Practice. The school provides hands on experience that they learn to appreciate, value what they learnt and practice on the daily basis. Over the years, the school has gained immense appreciation and recognition and is a model school for GNH (Gross National Happiness) practices.

In 2014, it was selected as the first autonomous primary school in the capital city. The school is often recognized for the social services rendered to the society.