Obtaining Forest Clearance for access road

This process is required for the application of Environmental Clearance wherein the activity requires felling of trees.

  1. In addition to the EC application procedure, the applicant is required to process for forestry clearance if the proposed activity requires felling of trees.
  2. The Applicant shall the duly filled in form to Environment Division.
  3. The reviewing officer shall forward the form to Urban Planning Division, Road Section under Infrastructure Division for verification.
  4. Following the due requirements, the form shall be forwarded to Executive Secretary and Dasho Thrompon for approval.
  5. The reviewing officer shall collect the approved form and fix an appointment with the applicant.
  6. Reviewing officer will conduct site visit and accordingly lay down the terms and conditions required to be followed.
  7. Reviewing officer shall forward the application to Thimphu Forest Division, Department of Forest for making of the trees. 

TAT: 5 working days from the date of submission of complete required documents.

Note: Form can be found in the Downloads section.